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About Us







Natural Sushi is proud to be a member of Maryland Minority Business Owner!

We're currently operating the majority of our sushi stores under different names including Cajun Sushi, Healthy Choice Sushi, and Joseph Sushi. 

It’s been over two decades since the entrepreneurs of Natural Sushi have worked in the food industry.  Joseph started working in the food industry starting back in 1998. After working as sushi chef, it didn't take long before he branched out on their own paving their own business path. It all began back in 2005 when  Joseph introduced sushi at David’s Natural Market (Organic). It was the first time sushi sold in the market. The business exceeded the expectations particularly for sushi in the market. The sushi quality led the company to maintain its’ reputation and was one of the major factors that also brought the market owner’s astonishment. For over ten years, the sushi business expanded in various areas in different states. The company extended not only to multiple markets but also universities and hospitals through Sodexo (food service). 














Natural Sushi is dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle. Our focus is to serve only the freshest ingredients, as maintaining a proper nutrition is a critical part of our mission. As sushi is a combination of many ingredients, the nutrition profile is diverse. We focus on serving our sushi with the nutritional benefits in mind. 









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